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Yep, it’s true . . . this little guy is destined to be an Ohio State fan.  Check out the back of his little OSU outfit . . . adorable!  I love being around babies, and little E was no exception.  He put up with me the entire photo session and did great!  He’s sooo sweet.  His mom says his hair is like corn silk.  I totally agree!  He has beautiful, soft blonde hair.  So precious.  

It was so good to see you again Janice and Jason!  (Their maternity session can be found here.)

I love this series on black.  Got the hand knitted diaper cover from CloseKnitFriends

She has a shop on Etsy.  The yarn color for mine is oatmeal. 

This isn’t just any family . . . this is my cousin’s family.  I knew since the day they booked me I was going to love this session.  We started out on a farm in Plain City (thanks Fred and Mary!) and then headed into town to finish up.  I know most people want family pictures where everyone is looking and has a beautiful smile on their face (I like those too and try my best to capture that), but my FAVORITE images are the ones where the family has a real connection . . . they are just being themselves . . . loving each other . . . they aren’t necessarily aware of the camera . . . they are just having fun and enjoying one another.  Those, to me, are the priceless images I try hard to capture at every family session.  And that is why families are my favorite to photograph.  That is why I loved this session. 

I love the reaction in this one . . .

Here . . . the youngest is giving her opinion on where everyone should stand.  I love the hand on the hip and the expressions of everyone listening to her . . . cracks me up!

I LOVE the connection here between Mom and Dad . . . they do this a lot . . . look at each other and smile.  They have always had something special.

Don’t let the tough guy look fool you . . . this kid is an incredible, genuine young man.  But it never hurts to look cool.  🙂

My cousin does some electrical work . . . so I thought this background was appropriate.

I have oodles more . . . these are just a few of my faves.

Took these on Sunday at the park.  I usually like colorful, happy, bright childhood pictures but these seemed to call for a more moody, emotional process.  Usually when I have an emotional connection to a picture I convert it to b+w or some less colorful version.  Right now I’m all emotional about this girl.  She is 3 now.  Fully potty trained (it took like 2 days . . . my other 2 pooped in their pants for 4 MONTHS EACH).  What a blessing she is.  She loves to swing and she has gum in her mouth any chance she gets . . . that’s what is on her lip.  I’m normally pretty anal about my pictures being sharp, but I love the movement in the second.  I don’t think anything in that picture is in focus, except maybe one hair.  But I love it.  I love this stage she is in.  I’m trying to capture and appreciate it because I know it will soon be gone. 

On another note . . . my computer is being sent away to get fixed (no not that kind of fixed . . . although I wish it would have a baby computer that works better).  I will be without photoshop for “about a week”.  My kids are happy.

This is a continuation of my last post.  The sweet corn is done so here are a few more photos. 

The thing I love about the next two is that it appears she is in the middle of the “weeds” (I use the term “weeds” loosely because I think they look quite beautiful in photos).  But, in reality, neither of us had to step in the weeds at all.  We were standing on 2 roads in the park separated by “weeds”.  Nice.

I’m not much for sepia, but this was called split tone and I kind of like how it turned out.  Of course it looks much better BIG, but my blog doesn’t allow that for horizontal images.  I really need to change that.

I promised to get this sneak peek up today so here are a couple.  I wanted to post a few more, but the sweet corn is calling.  I’m sure you can appreciate that S.  😉  So I’m off to freeze a ridiculous amount of corn for winter.  I’ll try to post a couple more by tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience!

For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about . . . well, every year we pick, husk, cook, cut and freeze A LOT of sweet corn for winter.  It is a lot of work, but getting together with family to do the work makes it worthwhile.  Maybe I’ll take some pics. 

Back to the pics . . . God was good to us in the form of a beautiful sunset.   sigh.  Love this one.

This is the same family I blogged about in the German Village post.  Just wanted to share this one.

This is a good friend of mine and her family.  She lives in Atlanta and was up here for a visit so we got together at the Columbus Zoo.  Her son is adorable.  This is the first time I had the opportunity to meet him and his dad.  It was so good to catch up while having fun at the zoo.  Thanks J!   

How cute is this???  Giving his Momma a wink.

I love silhouettes.

Love this connection between dad and babe.