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The stomach flu has hit our house hard.  Bob and I are the lone survivors of it’s wrath.  Although I have had many a sleepless night . . . jumping off the chair every 1/2 hour to catch puke in a bucket.  Sounds fun doesn’t it.  🙂

My son got it first.  At that point I thought it was the stomach flu, but after 48 hours I started to PANIC.  Like, I’m loading him up and taking him to Children’s Urgent Care while he is vomiting into a bucket in the car kind of panic.  AND it was his birthday!!  Since no one else had gotten it yet I started thinking appendix, blocked intestines and he was complaining of chest pains . . . so that is an entirely new host of problems I dreamt up.  I think I even had the doctor concerned.  I cried, yes CRIED as I was driving him to the Urgent Care while talking to the doctor on the phone.    I was a mess.  I had never seen him that sick before.

As soon as my son was on the mend one of my daughter’s got it, and as soon as she was on the mend my other daughter got it (still has it actually).  Which brings us to today . . .

My son was sick on his birthday (as mentioned above) so we had to cancel his party and reschedule it for next weekend.  Well, he has had a lot of time to think about his birthday and his party so he devised a scheme to get a little more money to spend when his Grandma takes him shopping this week.  (Grandma gives all the grandkids $25 and takes them shopping so they can pick out their own gift.  If they have extra money they can bring it along and spend it too.)  Anyhoo . . . my son tells me he has made some snacks and wants to sell them.  I said okay . . . let’s see what you’ve got.

This is one of the snacks he made.  It instantly put a smile on my face.


This is how much it cost . . .


Of course this snack was too cute to eat, so I went with another snack that cost $9.  I gave him my credit card which he ran through his toy cash register.  After a minute or so he tells me he only takes CASH.  You can’t pull the wool over this boy’s eyes that is for sure.  And he tells me the money with the 20 on it will do nicely.  I gave him $1 (his allowance for the week).

I’m thinking when he is older he will make a mighty fine marketing/sales manager for the photography business.  🙂


That’s him . . . notice the bags under his eyes and the disheveled hair . . . we’re still recovering.

I just cannot get enough of the laughter!  So many smiles, so much fun!












Thanks guys for being such great sports!

Although I have to admit I would have loved to stay in Phoenix because of the weather and friends.  But I missed my hubby and kids.  Here is just one shot from my trip . . . a fabulous family we photographed in the desert.  I’ll have more to share next week.  


The time has finally come to go to the Beyond Photography conference! Looking forward to meeting online friends, learning heaps of photography and soaking up some sun. I’ll be back and returning emails next Tuesday.
Have a great weekend!