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This one always makes me smile and reminds me of spring . . .


That is the most common phrase repeated over and over again in our house right now. “Bama” is how Mama sounds with a cold. We have been HIT with winter colds. But we are surviving and slowly getting better. I think I have worn a path in the carpet from the tissue box to the trash can. I suppose if I were smart I would just move them closer together. 🙂

Though this cold has slowed me down, it doesn’t mean I am any less excited!!!

So now is the time for the good news! My photo of my nephew (thank you for your cooperation L) took first place in the Simply Splash contest! YAY!!!!!!! You can see for yourself by clicking HERE. I can hardly believe it! You have to scroll down to see it because there have been several new posts to the blog since then. Thanks so much to everyone that voted for me! I really appreciate it!!!!! I’m sure you are curious to know what I won . . . well it is a photographer’s dream package! Business forms (yes, I desperately needed the accounting forms), actions for photoshop, a lens bag, templates for coffee table books and cards, delivery boxes, gift certificates, etc. . . hundreds of dollars worth of goodies! You can see all the details on the Simply Splash blog. So again, a HUGE Thank You to Simply Splash, the sponsors of the contest, and everyone who voted!

So here it is . . .


My kids are 6, 4 and 2 and can’t get enough of this fun music by Frances England!  I love it too!   We love dancing around the living room while we listen.  The kids especially like the part in the Tricyle song when she sings, “I’ll ride the Tour de France in my underpants.”  You should check it out here!  You can listen to parts of the songs online like we do while we wait for our purchased cd to come in the mail.  Fun!

Check out Phaunt Actions for great tips and tutorials.  Kylie has waded through all the photoshop verbage and put it into something we can actually understand!  Check it out . . . here.  🙂