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I’ve decided to just add a few images of our session at a time to my blog.  Basically, as I have time to work on them I’ll put them up.  Melissa and I swapped files so we could edit our own pics. 

I’m so so happy to have pics of me with my family.  That is so rare as a photographer!  Now I need to decide which ones to put on the wall. 

of the camera. gulp.  I have been looking forward to this for months!  My very good friend Melissa Speelman is a talented photographer in the Cincinnati area.   We decided to swap family photo sessions.  We both took pics and had pics taken of our families at the same time.  It was a BLAST!  I’m so glad to have pics of me with my kids!  Getting my picture taken is not one of my favorite things to do, but Melissa and her gang made it so fun.  I’ll have plenty more to share later . . . along with Melissa’s family.  Check out her blog by clicking the link above or in the sidebar. 

I am laughing in a lot of the pics (because I tend to laugh a lot in real life . . . either that or stress . . . I go to extremes).  Some people might wonder why I want a picture of myself with my mouth WIDE open.  Well, I want my kids to remember me laughing with them.  So no matter how crazy I look, I hope these pics remind them of all the fun times we had together.

We’ve known this family for quite a few years.  We had a great time hanging out at their place and capturing their family.  They’ve got a beautiful lot with a pond and woods . . . perfect setting for outdoor pictures. 

Thanks guys!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Her eyes are stunning!

So handsome . . .

I adore his enthusiasm here!!!  For some reason my blog cut off the right side of this image, but you get the picture. 

He was the happiest little dude . . . so cute.

I love this moment . . . little J’s look as she rests on her Mama just melts me.

The entire group . . . I know it is impossible to see their faces on a web image this small, but hey, I wanted to include it anyway.  🙂

I’m trying not to use the word fun in every blog post, but I just can’t help myself.  This session was fun!  My 7 year old daughter went with me as my “assistant” and the first thing she said when we got in the van to leave was, “you didn’t tell them what to do.”  I said, “I didn’t have to!”  I just followed these kids all around their grandparent’s farm with my camera.  There was an old firetruck . . . so cool.  Actually it is “the COOLEST thing in the WORLD” according to the 5 year old boy.  I think he’s right.  Then there was the pirate ship grandpa rigged up out of an old boat . . . complete with pirate flag.  And finally there were the horses.  Beautiful horses that totally love the kids.  I wish this place had existed when I was a kid.  My 7 year old had a blast!

And special thanks to Emily McGinnis for referring this wonderful family to me.   She is friends with them, but lives in Charleston, so she referred them to me.  I love the online photography community we have at Beyond Just Images.

Grandma gets an award for getting everyone to laugh in this one . . .

A storyboard of some of the firetruck images . . .

This is my dd and niece I mentioned in the last post.  They are wearing shirts that say Best Friends Forever.  I LOVE the relationship they have.  We had a wonderful afternoon/evening together.  My dd said I’m crazy . . . I laughed one of those nervous laughs wondering if she thought that was good or bad . . . she said good.  She’s 7.

I LOVE the colors of fall.  Yesterday was absolutely GORGEOUS!  I took my daughter and niece out for a photo shoot.  I promised to do this for them back in August.  We just got around to it.  I’m so glad it worked out yesterday.  I have plenty more to share, but just one for now.  This is my niece. 

Do you have any idea how long it took to change my blog header?  Well, to prevent embarassing myself I won’t even say.  What I can tell you is that my time would have been much better spent folding laundry.  And laundry folding is very low on my to-do list.  Now if I was happy with the result I wouldn’t care so much that I wasted all that time.  However, my youngest has the flu and I need to get to the laundry.  So the header is stayin’.

They are friends of ours.  It is such a pleasure for me to hang with friends and capture them as a family.  Their kids are so lovey!  I just adored capturing their brother/sister relationship.  

The seated dance . . .

She is donating her long, beautiful hair.  Planned to get it cut after this session.  What a sweetie!

Feel the love . . .

Thanks T fam!!  It was SO good to see you again.

Because my camera can’t capture an image like this, I exposed once for the sky and once for the subject (in this case, my niece’s boyfriend 🙂  )  and brought the two images together in photoshop.  I wanted something different to go with the football theme.

The red doors were a perfect find!  And the blue ones!  Gotta love those alleys.