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These boys are SO CUTE! And best of all, they are growing up in a very loving and supportive family. I really enjoyed my afternoon with them and their family. Enjoy your sneak peek S family. I have oodles more to come!





I have to give a special “Thank You” to their big sister, Emma, for drawing me the most beautiful hearts while I was there. 🙂

Remember that sweetie from a couple weeks ago that I promised to share . . . well, my computer crashed and I lost her pictures (except for one I had printed). It wasn’t a session. She is my cousin. But I am still bummed. For my clients there is no need to worry. I back up all your files on DVD!

My youngest peed in the potty!!!!!!!! She is 2 years old and my third child, so I am not ignorant enough to think this means she will keep doing it. But I’m pretty excited anyway!!!!!!!

Way to go, baby girl! Love you!



This one here is so cute and easy going! Just one for now. I’ll share more of her next week.