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Could he BE any cuter???  I’ve photographed him 4 times now.  The first was when his Mom was pregnant with him.  He wasn’t always too keen on the camera, but that didn’t stop us from getting lots of good images.  Those blue eyes are such a treat!

Thanks Janice and Jason!  Your gallery is coming soon!


This one had me giggling.  It looks like he is trying to read my logo.


Who is that cute thang in the mirror???


I couldn’t decide on color or bw for this next one.  What do you think?

Love how he is hanging onto Dad’s shirt.


img_9473-edit-bwLove this one with Mom!

img_9499-editAnd this one with Dad!


I’m going through our 2008 photos to make a family album.   Came across this one.  I love everything about this . . . the sky, the shadow, her ponytail, and that bandaid that won’t stick to her knee anymore because of the sand.  She insisted on the bandaid.  Makes me smile to see it flapping in the wind.

She’s been telling me lately that I’m her BEST friend and she wants to keep me.  Makes my heart flutter.  She’s 3 and so sweet and lovey.  I will never tire of her hugs and kisses.

My sweet girl.


My daughter humored me one Sunday not long ago.  The weather was wonderful . . . sunny and in the 40s!  We still had a beautiful blanket of snow so I asked her to please, please let me take pictures of her playing in the woods.  She had worn her Matilda Jane skirt to church (they had a sale and I couldn’t resist) and I really wanted to get a few images of her wearing it.  She reluctantly agreed.  These were taken near where we live.   Once we got there she hopped out of the van and started running and exploring.  At one point I heard her say she was traveling back from the center of the earth.  🙂  After we were done I asked her if it was as bad as she thought it was going to be.  She said no and told me she had a lot of fun!  And that made me very happy.










Here is the finished wall of pictures.  You have no idea how many times those pictures have been rearranged.  My husband would catch me staring at them and he KNEW that meant there was a change a brewin’.  They have been this way for weeks.  So I think it is safe to say they will remain like this for awhile.  Each image is 12×12 mounted on 2mm styrene, sprayed for protection and then framed without glass.  Framing without glass cuts down on glare and really allows the pictures to pop.  Love that!

You can see this wall as soon as you walk in the front door.  It really makes a statement.  And it really helps to cure the winter blahs that can easily set in this time of year.

I copied got the idea from Tara Whitney.  Hey!  I used different images!  😉



That silver thing is an air purifier.



This is the other wall in the living room, just to the left of the wall of images.   This is how it looked right after I finished it.  Neat and tidy.


This is how it looks now.  A little more stuff, but not too bad.


My girls had the chance to model a few clothes for a friend that owns an online boutique.  They had so much fun dressing up in all the clothes (while I secretly stressed out about them ripping, staining and otherwise destroying these very fine linens which had to be neatly folded and returned).  The name of the store is Little Posh Princess.   And in case you are wondering about the pics, I did not all of a sudden give birth to a blonde child . . . she and her big sister belong to my friend, the owner of the store.  🙂

Whoa, Nelly!  Somebody pull the emergency brake.  This girl is growing up WAY.TOO.FAST.   Where did she get that look?  I didn’t teach her that.









and at least we have snow.  If it has to be this cold we might as well have snow.  Photographing snow can be quite tricky.  The light on this particular day was blah . . . completely grey and overcast.  Not so nice for pictures.  So I added texture to the images to give them that something special.  I LOVE capturing my kids doing kid things . . . running, giggling, playing hide-and-seek . . . whatever it is that makes them kids.   Of course I like shots when they are looking and smiling and humoring me with my camera, but I love the other moments even more.

And in case my mother is reading this . . . my children DO NOT wear their best clothes to go play in the snow everyday.  They DO NOT wear a little sweater instead of a coat on a normal play in the snow day.  Actually, these were taken last week when the temperatures were a balmy 22 degrees instead of the single digits we have now.

I wish you could see this first one BIG . . . it looks so much better.  Which reminds me I need to get working on my new blog with bigger images.


Come to Mama, Sweetie.  I love you.


I could have removed that scab on her lip, but I didn’t.  She picks her lip after I have tucked her in bed, before she goes to sleep.  I don’t like that she does it.  But she does.  And part of me doesn’t want to forget it.



Oh dear.  I am so taken with this sweet little baby.  She has the most adorable expressions!  And of course she smelled like a little piece of heaven.  I had a wonderful afternoon photographing her and her family.

There are lots more I love, but those will have to wait for the full gallery.

Thank you for having me Marc and Kristen!  It was such a pleasure!



She was one week old when I took these.  Can you believe this sweet smile???



A friend made this quilt for her.  It is beautiful!!

Maybe . . . if that friend is reading this . . . she could email me the locations of the quilt pattern and  all those beautiful fabrics.  I love quilts and have made one for each of my kids.  I don’t have much time for it anymore, but seeing this makes me want to quilt again.


For those of you non photography people you can just enjoy the pictures because I am about to get all technical for the photographers out there.

I am SUPER pleased with the ISO performance of this camera (5d mkII).  The first 2 shots were at iso 2500, f/3.2 with my 85 mm lens.  I did not run noiseware.  Yum.   It is a natural light photographer’s dream.



This last one is just a fun play with some bw actions and textures.  The actions are from Bohemian Secret.  Love her images and actions.


Thanks for stopping by!

Many of you may know that we homeschool our children.   Right now we are on break.  I’m taking my break quite seriously.  Staying in my pajamas all day is not really unusual while on break.  I mean, if I don’t have to go anywhere, or gain my children’s respect as their teacher, well then there’s really no harm in it, right?  I do feel awkward when the UPS man comes to deliver packages.  I just really hope he drops the package and leaves and doesn’t make me sign anything.

But I’ve been starting to think it is bad to wear pajamas all day.  My husband came up with a catchy little phrase . . . Mama Pajama.  And now my kids like to pretend every meal is eaten at a cozy little restaurant called Mama Pajama’s.  I think it is funny so I go along with it and pretend I am the head chef at Mama Pajama’s where the mandatory dress code is of course, pajamas.   And just to clarify, when I say Mama Pajama the words rhyme, but normally when I say pajama, it does not rhyme with Mama.  That sentence was so not necessary, but it makes me laugh.

But today, we’re getting out of the house!  We need food to stock Mama Pajama’s pantry.  Too bad the UPS man can’t deliver that!  So today I am presentable.  And should anyone see me they will never know that I am Mama Pajama.

Here are a few pics from our break . . .

I love these mats . . . can’t wait to see what this looks like printed and framed.


And here are some of those yummy Christmas lights . . . can’t decide between bw and color.  Doesn’t the color remind you of something straight out of the 70s?  That orangey tint.  I’m thinking I kind of like it for this picture.



And this is me laying on the floor playing with my new toy (camera), taking a picture of my son playing with his new toy (a light up remote control car thing).


My daughter sleeping with her new pig.  I took pictures of all my kids sleeping, because with my new camera I can take the pictures without flash.  I’ve always wanted to do that!  Yes, I turned the light on, but still.


Ignore the difference in bw conversions.  I’m all over the place.  It’s break remember!


And this is a little bit of what we’ve been doing while on break . . . that’s Candy Land for those of you that don’t recognize it.  Perfect for 3 year olds (and all of her family members that must play with her).


That’s all for now.  I’ve decided not to include the pictures of me in action as Mama Pajama dressed in my hot pink polka dot frumpy pj’s.

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope you are enjoying this season.  I love the holidays.  My husband is off work this week and we have been having fun hanging out as a family.  One of the things we have been doing a lot is Wii Fit!  I love it .  .  . we all do.  The kids are into it which is good because I don’t like when they sit on their behinds and play video games.  At least with Wii Fit you have to be up and moving all the time.  For me, it’s like exercising without all the dread.   Cause I can have a lot of dread.  I dread exercising, but not with Wii Fit.  Okay, this is starting to sound like an advertisement.  Not my intention.

So anyhooooo, here is our Christmas card!  I actually designed this card myself, which is not something I generally do very well, but I liked this one.


And here is a collage of some of my favorite images of our family from 2008.  I used something very similar to this for the splash page of my website (so you may have already seen it).  My splash page is here.  It’s the first thing you see when you go to my website.  I have most of these photos hanging on my wall.  I used (9) 12×12 frames and hung them in a square (I still need to print 2 of the images).   It makes me SMILE!  It adds so much color and personality to the living room.


Also, if you are on my 2009 session interest list I will be emailing you in the beginning of January.  I was supposed to do this a long time ago.  It will get done.  Just taking time to enjoy the holidays with my family.  Thanks!!!