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Here are a few things I am thankful for . . . 








Documenting the teeth . . .


These were taken at the zoo a couple weeks ago . . . it was 70 degrees in NOVEMBER.  Definitely something to be thankful for.  Since then it has snowed several times.  I’m also thankful for my husband, our extended families, Jesus, staying in my pajamas all day yesterday, a nice warm fire in our wood burning stove, homeschooling, photography, my church family, the pictures I have hanging on the walls that make me smile everytime I look at them, pumpkin pie (which I am about to go make with my Mom . . . YUM), and so much more!  I could go on and on . . . so many blessings for which to be thankful. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

PS  The amazingness I can’t wait to show you (I mentioned it in my last post), well . . . you’re gonna have to wait!  It will be worth it.  🙂

This guy is like part of the family . . . so great to hang out with, great head on his shoulders, loves to joke around, he’s my brother in Christ, and he is dating my niece (aka: LUCKY).  🙂

My internet has been down.  On one hand, I get more done with the internet MIA, but on the other hand I get nothing done with the internet MIA.  I’m sure those of you internet photography addicts can relate.  So we are back up for now and I thought I would quickly put up a post. 

And wait until you see what else I have been working on . . . it has to do with seniors . . . and it truly takes your photos to the next level.  I CANNOT WAIT to show you.  Hopefully I can post about it next week.  So make sure you check back . . . you’re gonna love it.  And I take no credit for it’s amazingness . . . it is all the work of a friend.

Love the mystery in this first one . . .


I’m sure he’s loving the flowers in my logo right about now . . . makes me laugh!




Revenge . . .





And this last one is just for fun . . . I’m sure he wasn’t expecting it to show up on my blog, but that’s what you get for messing around.  😉


I’m loving these.  They will provide some much needed variety this winter.  If only I could do outdoor photos all the time.  Unfortunately it gets very cold here, so aside from the occasional snow shots, these will have to do.  You can see my little model got tired of the photos (aka: photographer’s child syndrome) so we had to finish up. 

And on a totally unrelated side note . . . my husband cleaned/organized the laundry room!!!!!!  What a job.  He did great!  I’m so happy I can WALK in there now.  I truly am blessed with a husband that hates clutter and cleans better than I do.  Sometimes the anti-clutter mentality can get on my nerves . . . like when I can’t have even ONE piece of paper lying on my desk.  But overall, it really is a blessing.  Thanks Bob!  Love ya. 

Now I wonder where all that stuff in the laundry room went.  ?????




a wedding book from the wedding I did in August.  Nevermind it is NOVEMBER.  Life has been a little hectic.  So glad these two have a lot of patience.  These are some of the images they have chosen for their book.  You might recognize this couple.  I blogged about them awhile ago. 

And on a side note . . . the weather here right now is INCREDIBLE.  I’ve had the windows open this week . . . that’s unheard of for November.  I’m loving it!  Only supposed to last one more day. 







I love all the cameras in this one.  🙂


No, he was not a ringbearer in our wedding.  He was a ringbearer in a friend’s/cousin’s wedding.  I knew I had to take him out for a little session while we still had the suit.  My, oh my, he is so handsome.   Can you believe the suit he wore is about 20 years old????  My good friend Vicki SAVED it for all those years.  Her son wore it in a wedding that long ago. 

Our son nearly wore holes in the knees from all his break dancing at the wedding.  He was quite the life of the party.  He had everyone laughing.  I don’t know where he got all his dance skills.  I mean, I’m quite good in front of the mirror, but I keep my skills a secret.  And Bob, well . . . I haven’t ever seen much more than a slow dance out of him.  I’m not saying he can’t dance.  Just sayin’ I haven’t seen it.  🙂

So here he is . . . our handsome ringbearer

Not sure what this look is all about . . .

I think this is his favorite . . .