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My girls had the chance to model a few clothes for a friend that owns an online boutique.  They had so much fun dressing up in all the clothes (while I secretly stressed out about them ripping, staining and otherwise destroying these very fine linens which had to be neatly folded and returned).  The name of the store is Little Posh Princess.   And in case you are wondering about the pics, I did not all of a sudden give birth to a blonde child . . . she and her big sister belong to my friend, the owner of the store.  🙂

Whoa, Nelly!  Somebody pull the emergency brake.  This girl is growing up WAY.TOO.FAST.   Where did she get that look?  I didn’t teach her that.









and at least we have snow.  If it has to be this cold we might as well have snow.  Photographing snow can be quite tricky.  The light on this particular day was blah . . . completely grey and overcast.  Not so nice for pictures.  So I added texture to the images to give them that something special.  I LOVE capturing my kids doing kid things . . . running, giggling, playing hide-and-seek . . . whatever it is that makes them kids.   Of course I like shots when they are looking and smiling and humoring me with my camera, but I love the other moments even more.

And in case my mother is reading this . . . my children DO NOT wear their best clothes to go play in the snow everyday.  They DO NOT wear a little sweater instead of a coat on a normal play in the snow day.  Actually, these were taken last week when the temperatures were a balmy 22 degrees instead of the single digits we have now.

I wish you could see this first one BIG . . . it looks so much better.  Which reminds me I need to get working on my new blog with bigger images.


Come to Mama, Sweetie.  I love you.


I could have removed that scab on her lip, but I didn’t.  She picks her lip after I have tucked her in bed, before she goes to sleep.  I don’t like that she does it.  But she does.  And part of me doesn’t want to forget it.



I went to visit Melissa and her new baby Elle on Wednesday.  Melissa and I are good friends that met on a photography forum.  We live about 1 1/2 hours away from each other so we try to get together several times a year.  Even though the internet can be a shady place at times, I have found many good friends there.  And it is so fun to meet them in person!

So on Wednesday I headed down to Cincinnati to see Melissa, totally ignoring all the weather advisories about snow.  I’m a “believe it when I see it” kind of person when it comes to weather.  Well, turns out they were right!  We did get a lot of snow where I live and that made the roads very slippery.  That meant I had no choice but to spend the night in Cincinnati with Melissa.  We kept saying it was like a fun girls’ sleepover!  I had a great time intruding on  her daily schedule.  🙂  Her entire family were such gracious hosts.  And I was so glad to be put to good use feeding and holding baby Elle.  So sweet!  Owen, her 3 year old, let me sleep in his bed while he crashed on the floor in the big boys’ room.  In the morning when they were all getting ready for school, I heard Owen say to Melissa, “who is STILL sleeping in my bed???”  I laughed .  It reminded me of the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  So funny!

This is a picture of Melissa and baby Elle.  So sweet.  And I just LOVE the way babies smell.  I really think it should be made into a perfume I can spray on my 3 children.  My 5 year old son would just love that.  🙂


And the other interesting part about my little adventure was that I went to IKEA.  I don’t get to go to IKEA very often so I made the most of it.  My van was so jam packed with stuff, I literally thought it was going to drag on the ground.  I even had to fill the tires up with air.  It was a sight to see that is for sure.  My van (a 1993 Toyota Previa) already looks like an egg.  So this pretty much made it look like a lopsided egg that was about to crack at any minute.  But I made it home.  And I will post before and after images of our dining room as soon as it is done.  All those boxes loading down my van contain the cabinets and shelves we’ll be assembling and putting up.  I’m so excited!  But first I have to get my taxes done.

Oh dear.  I am so taken with this sweet little baby.  She has the most adorable expressions!  And of course she smelled like a little piece of heaven.  I had a wonderful afternoon photographing her and her family.

There are lots more I love, but those will have to wait for the full gallery.

Thank you for having me Marc and Kristen!  It was such a pleasure!



She was one week old when I took these.  Can you believe this sweet smile???



A friend made this quilt for her.  It is beautiful!!

Maybe . . . if that friend is reading this . . . she could email me the locations of the quilt pattern and  all those beautiful fabrics.  I love quilts and have made one for each of my kids.  I don’t have much time for it anymore, but seeing this makes me want to quilt again.


For those of you non photography people you can just enjoy the pictures because I am about to get all technical for the photographers out there.

I am SUPER pleased with the ISO performance of this camera (5d mkII).  The first 2 shots were at iso 2500, f/3.2 with my 85 mm lens.  I did not run noiseware.  Yum.   It is a natural light photographer’s dream.



This last one is just a fun play with some bw actions and textures.  The actions are from Bohemian Secret.  Love her images and actions.


Thanks for stopping by!

This is my cousin.  I had this sense of pride when I was out with him during this session.  I kind of felt like this is just a teeny tiny way of saying Thank You to all the service men and women that sacrifice so much for our protection.  A few people honked and waved while we were out.  I was like yeah, you should give him recognition.  He deserves it.

I got a great big schooling of how they do things in the military.  I’m very impressed.  My cousin had to endure quite a bit at boot camp.  He told me it makes you appreciate everything more . . . like showers, a bed, and of course the big stuff like family.  I’m thinking I could benefit from a little boot camp myself.  But I’ll take his word for it.  🙂

I have known about this flag mural in our small town for a long time, but never had quite the right opportunity to use it . . . until yesterday.

I’m proud of you Josh!  Thank you for spending some time with me yesterday.  It was great to catch up!