Took these on Sunday at the park.  I usually like colorful, happy, bright childhood pictures but these seemed to call for a more moody, emotional process.  Usually when I have an emotional connection to a picture I convert it to b+w or some less colorful version.  Right now I’m all emotional about this girl.  She is 3 now.  Fully potty trained (it took like 2 days . . . my other 2 pooped in their pants for 4 MONTHS EACH).  What a blessing she is.  She loves to swing and she has gum in her mouth any chance she gets . . . that’s what is on her lip.  I’m normally pretty anal about my pictures being sharp, but I love the movement in the second.  I don’t think anything in that picture is in focus, except maybe one hair.  But I love it.  I love this stage she is in.  I’m trying to capture and appreciate it because I know it will soon be gone. 

On another note . . . my computer is being sent away to get fixed (no not that kind of fixed . . . although I wish it would have a baby computer that works better).  I will be without photoshop for “about a week”.  My kids are happy.