This isn’t just any family . . . this is my cousin’s family.  I knew since the day they booked me I was going to love this session.  We started out on a farm in Plain City (thanks Fred and Mary!) and then headed into town to finish up.  I know most people want family pictures where everyone is looking and has a beautiful smile on their face (I like those too and try my best to capture that), but my FAVORITE images are the ones where the family has a real connection . . . they are just being themselves . . . loving each other . . . they aren’t necessarily aware of the camera . . . they are just having fun and enjoying one another.  Those, to me, are the priceless images I try hard to capture at every family session.  And that is why families are my favorite to photograph.  That is why I loved this session. 

I love the reaction in this one . . .

Here . . . the youngest is giving her opinion on where everyone should stand.  I love the hand on the hip and the expressions of everyone listening to her . . . cracks me up!

I LOVE the connection here between Mom and Dad . . . they do this a lot . . . look at each other and smile.  They have always had something special.

Don’t let the tough guy look fool you . . . this kid is an incredible, genuine young man.  But it never hurts to look cool.  🙂

My cousin does some electrical work . . . so I thought this background was appropriate.

I have oodles more . . . these are just a few of my faves.