Here is the finished wall of pictures.  You have no idea how many times those pictures have been rearranged.  My husband would catch me staring at them and he KNEW that meant there was a change a brewin’.  They have been this way for weeks.  So I think it is safe to say they will remain like this for awhile.  Each image is 12×12 mounted on 2mm styrene, sprayed for protection and then framed without glass.  Framing without glass cuts down on glare and really allows the pictures to pop.  Love that!

You can see this wall as soon as you walk in the front door.  It really makes a statement.  And it really helps to cure the winter blahs that can easily set in this time of year.

I copied got the idea from Tara Whitney.  Hey!  I used different images!  😉



That silver thing is an air purifier.



This is the other wall in the living room, just to the left of the wall of images.   This is how it looked right after I finished it.  Neat and tidy.


This is how it looks now.  A little more stuff, but not too bad.