and at least we have snow.  If it has to be this cold we might as well have snow.  Photographing snow can be quite tricky.  The light on this particular day was blah . . . completely grey and overcast.  Not so nice for pictures.  So I added texture to the images to give them that something special.  I LOVE capturing my kids doing kid things . . . running, giggling, playing hide-and-seek . . . whatever it is that makes them kids.   Of course I like shots when they are looking and smiling and humoring me with my camera, but I love the other moments even more.

And in case my mother is reading this . . . my children DO NOT wear their best clothes to go play in the snow everyday.  They DO NOT wear a little sweater instead of a coat on a normal play in the snow day.  Actually, these were taken last week when the temperatures were a balmy 22 degrees instead of the single digits we have now.

I wish you could see this first one BIG . . . it looks so much better.  Which reminds me I need to get working on my new blog with bigger images.


Come to Mama, Sweetie.  I love you.


I could have removed that scab on her lip, but I didn’t.  She picks her lip after I have tucked her in bed, before she goes to sleep.  I don’t like that she does it.  But she does.  And part of me doesn’t want to forget it.