Many of you may know that we homeschool our children.   Right now we are on break.  I’m taking my break quite seriously.  Staying in my pajamas all day is not really unusual while on break.  I mean, if I don’t have to go anywhere, or gain my children’s respect as their teacher, well then there’s really no harm in it, right?  I do feel awkward when the UPS man comes to deliver packages.  I just really hope he drops the package and leaves and doesn’t make me sign anything.

But I’ve been starting to think it is bad to wear pajamas all day.  My husband came up with a catchy little phrase . . . Mama Pajama.  And now my kids like to pretend every meal is eaten at a cozy little restaurant called Mama Pajama’s.  I think it is funny so I go along with it and pretend I am the head chef at Mama Pajama’s where the mandatory dress code is of course, pajamas.   And just to clarify, when I say Mama Pajama the words rhyme, but normally when I say pajama, it does not rhyme with Mama.  That sentence was so not necessary, but it makes me laugh.

But today, we’re getting out of the house!  We need food to stock Mama Pajama’s pantry.  Too bad the UPS man can’t deliver that!  So today I am presentable.  And should anyone see me they will never know that I am Mama Pajama.

Here are a few pics from our break . . .

I love these mats . . . can’t wait to see what this looks like printed and framed.


And here are some of those yummy Christmas lights . . . can’t decide between bw and color.  Doesn’t the color remind you of something straight out of the 70s?  That orangey tint.  I’m thinking I kind of like it for this picture.



And this is me laying on the floor playing with my new toy (camera), taking a picture of my son playing with his new toy (a light up remote control car thing).


My daughter sleeping with her new pig.  I took pictures of all my kids sleeping, because with my new camera I can take the pictures without flash.  I’ve always wanted to do that!  Yes, I turned the light on, but still.


Ignore the difference in bw conversions.  I’m all over the place.  It’s break remember!


And this is a little bit of what we’ve been doing while on break . . . that’s Candy Land for those of you that don’t recognize it.  Perfect for 3 year olds (and all of her family members that must play with her).


That’s all for now.  I’ve decided not to include the pictures of me in action as Mama Pajama dressed in my hot pink polka dot frumpy pj’s.