I’m loving these.  They will provide some much needed variety this winter.  If only I could do outdoor photos all the time.  Unfortunately it gets very cold here, so aside from the occasional snow shots, these will have to do.  You can see my little model got tired of the photos (aka: photographer’s child syndrome) so we had to finish up. 

And on a totally unrelated side note . . . my husband cleaned/organized the laundry room!!!!!!  What a job.  He did great!  I’m so happy I can WALK in there now.  I truly am blessed with a husband that hates clutter and cleans better than I do.  Sometimes the anti-clutter mentality can get on my nerves . . . like when I can’t have even ONE piece of paper lying on my desk.  But overall, it really is a blessing.  Thanks Bob!  Love ya. 

Now I wonder where all that stuff in the laundry room went.  ?????