Wow!  We had a fabulous vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina!  Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hanna chased us out of there one day early, but every other day was absolutely beautiful!  It is so fun to spend time with family having fun and hangin’ at the beach.  I have loads of pics. 

Traveling with my husband is always an adventure.  I mentioned earlier that we drive a 1993 Toyota Previa mini van (we are basically waiting for it to die before we get something else).  Anyway, my hubby thinks this is like a new car or something.  He wanted to take our bikes along so he had a hitch put on the van (the van has about 185,000 miles on it . . . but whatever).  So we go all the way to OBX with no problems, ride our bikes, la la la.  As we’re driving home we noticed people were staying plenty far away from us . . . ummm, yeah, big wake up call.  We checked the bike rack and realized we were literally losing our entire bumper!!  And I’m not talking about the “pretty part” of the bumper . . . I’m talking the totally rusted underneath, hold the pretty bumper onto the van, bumper.  Apparently we lost a couple bolts on the hitch.  Yikes!!!  Okay, so that is totally unsafe.  Praise God we didn’t hurt anyone around us.  So we spent the night in West Virginia and by God’s grace we found this little mom and pop auto shop called Lo Do in Cabin Creek, West Virginia.  The owner welded the hitch onto the bottom of the van and we were back on the road.   THANK YOU LO DO!!!!! 

Someone please tell my husband that we drive an OLD van, not a new SUV!!!!

Oh yes, I need a Mac because windows Vista on my computer has now crashed TWO times since the beginning of 2008.  That is such a pain.  No pictures were lost, but it takes a lot of time to wipe off the computer and reload everything.  I’m still not done.  Thanks to my hubby for getting the computer going again.   Next time I’m buying a Mac!!

Okay, okay . . . this is my wordiest post ever.  On to the pics!   

We climbed a HUGE sand dune at Jockey Ridge State Park.  These next few were taken there.

Same pic as above, just processed differently.  I love the blue sky, but I also love the tones in this one.

This is my husband and son playing football on a “real” football field by the light of the moon.

I’m still catching up from vacation!  If you’re waiting on an email or photo order I will contact you soon.