This family was so great to photograph.  Mom and Dad were so into each other . . . always smiling when they looked at each other.  It was wonderful . . . almost like I wasn’t even there.  It is such a privilege for me to capture the connection between couples and family members.  And who could resist their little guy?  So adorable!  I just love his peach fuzz haircut. 

I have lots more I love from this session, but I have to stop here because it almost 2:30am.  I promised my oldest daughter I would not, under any circumstances, get on the computer tomorrow during her waking hours.  So here I am staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish my list of things to do on the computer. 

And before I go to bed I need to list 6 quirky things about myself.  I’ve been tagged by 2 of my good photography friends, Jackie and Megan.  Both of these ladies are extremely talented photographers.  Jackie is in Sydney, Australia and Megan is in Florida. 

The Rules

Link the person who tagged you

– Mention the rules on your blog

– Tell about 6 quirks of yours

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1. We drink green smoothies nearly everyday for breakfast.  What makes them green?  Spinach!  Yes, my kids drink them.  They aren’t allowed to have anything else until they do.  We use raw spinach, not the slimy frozen stuff.  I make a big batch every morning . . . water, juice, lots of spinach, bananas, agave nectar (kind of like honey) and frozen strawberries.  Yum! 

I could do 6 quirks about food alone, but I’ll save that for another time.  🙂

2.  We pay cash for our cars.  Everyone around us drives nicer vehicles than we do, but once you swallow your pride it feels really good to not have car payments.  Right now we drive a 1993 Toyota Previa mini van and a 1995 Honda Civic. 

3.  I play Rock, Paper, Scissors nearly everynight with my kids when I put them to bed.  First one to take 3 rounds wins!  The reason we play is to determine how many hand claps we will do (you know . . . See, See My Playmate . . . Big Mac Filet O’ Fish . . . that kind of thing).  I always want one, they always want two.

4.  My hair . . . I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my black curly hair.  Not because it is black, but because it is curly.  Seriously . . . it’s curly.  God gave it to me so I’m learning to make the most of it.  People often say to me, “you remind me of someone . . . . ”  And I respond, “it’s the hair.”  If you know someone else that has black curly hair I automatically remind you of them. 

5.  I eat granola bars a lot.  I either need to learn how to make them, or cut back because they get expensive.  Okay that one was about food, but it wasn’t weird like some of the other food quirks I could tell you.

6.  I re-paint a room in our house about every 6 months.  I know, I have a problem.  I have to say though, I think I have finally found the perfect color for the living room . . . it is a light blue/aqua color.  I just painted it so I should be happy for awhile.  The kitchen on the other hand . . .

So now I am going to break the last two rules.  Remember it is now nearly 3 am and I need to go to bed.  No time to tag 6 other bloggers. 

If you’ve made it this far I am seriously impressed with your dedication to reading my blog.  Thanks!