I referred to in my last post.  These two are definitely something special.  I’m so glad my husband and I got to document their day.  Kristi, the bride, was in our youth group when my husband and I were youth leaders.  And now she is married.  How did that happen???  We love her so much and couldn’t be more excited for her.  Josh, the groom, is fun, energetic and completely in love with her. 

We just couldn’t say no when they asked us to photograph their wedding.  But for those of you wondering if we do weddings, we are very good at saying no now.  😉 

Josh and Kristi decided to see each other before the wedding so that allowed us plenty of time to do fun outdoor shots!  I hope you are pleased with your decision, guys. 

I’m kind of excited about the names on the sign. 

(This one looks much better BIG.  Unfortunately my blog only allows itty bitty horizontal images.)

I showed this picture to Kristi before the wedding just so she would know exactly what she was getting into.  🙂

Josh, can you handle this family?  I don’t know about the big guy on the right . . . he looks scary.

This is Josh when he saw Kristi coming down the aisle . . .

This is just one of many bubble shots you have to choose from, Kristi. 

I just love how Kristi is glowing here . . . it is like she is floating.

The parents having fun in the photo booth at the reception . . .