I know, I know . . . FINALLY.  My husband’s family reunion was back in June.  It was the first annual . . . at least I hope we are going to have it every year.  It was great connecting with everyone again (and some for the first time), and watching the kids play together. 

Now, for those of you not at the reunion, these are not my “style” of portraits, but I have to say I’m glad Aunt Nancy made us do it.  It is VERY important to document extended family.  This family has experienced great loss this year and pictures become even more important during those times.  So at your next family reunion break out the camera and take some pics!

We separated by generations . . . of course it was raining when we took these otherwise I would have had everyone outside.

Note the escape artist caught in action . . .

And then there is my generation . . . note how the women are hiding behind the guys.

And finally, the wise ones . . .

And of course I can’t leave this one out.  We warned you, Rob!  🙂  Happy Birthday!  I know, I’m a day late.  We’re both getting older this weekend. 

Here’s a fun fact . . . my husband has 6 first cousins (total from both sides).  I have 58 first cousins. 

This last one was taken on the 4th of July.  I love celebrating the 4th because I have so many great childhood memories.  My Aunt Ida was born on the 4th . . . she passed away in 2003.  Love you and miss you, Ida . . . we lit sparklers for you!