So last weekend we went camping with the “youth”, most of whom are my cousins.  Youth isn’t exactly what we are anymore (although Kirk would like to think differently 🙂 ), but we used to hang out together in our church youth group years ago.   We are trying to make this camping an annual thing.  We had tons of fun.   One of the best parts is watching our “youth” run around and have fun together.

I bet some of you were thinking tents when I mentioned camping.  Ha ha . . . think again.  I know Phil and Duane . . . you slept in tents . . . whatever. 

First stop . . . we needed some fuel perks to fill this thing up with gas.

Goin’ Fishin’

My FAVORITE picture.  Our “youth” after a little swim in the lake.  LOVE this.

(I hate it that horizontal images are so small.)

My boy learned to ride without training wheels while we were there!  I’m so proud of him.

Champion apple peeler . . .

A little view of the lake . . .

What guys do the second they become aware of the camera . . . actually, Bob looks like he is being arrested.