Just wanted to post and let you know if you are thinking of having a session you should schedule soon.  My summer months are booked.  I have one or possibly 2 spots left in September and 2 spots left in October.  I may take a couple sessions in the beginning of November and after that it is a break for family sessions until spring 2009.  I will do newborns and small children indoors in the winter, but no families unless you want a snow session.  Hey, I’m up for snow sessions.  Why not? 

Thanks so much to everyone who has scheduled already.  I look forward to meeting you! 

Now I know I have not blogged pics lately and that is because my camera is in the shop for repairs for the second time.  And as much as this frustrates me, my house is getting a good spring/summer cleaning!  I’m preparing to get some large pics of my own kiddos for my wall so I’ll show you the results when all that is done.

And I’ll post one pic of my son because this one just cracks me up . . . can you say GUILTY???