We went to Hilton Head, SC.  Lots of nice weather, bike riding, beach going, swimming and even . . . a little bit of reading!  Pleasure reading is seriously unheard of for me.  But I was actually able to sneak in a few chapters at the beach and the pool.  Not the whole book mind you, just a few chapters. 

Our son found a starfish and a little crab while at the beach . . . finding these treasures must have been excitement enough because he didn’t dare pick them up.  🙂

These next few remind me so much of HH.  There are trees EVERYWHERE!  It’s very nice.  Hard to find Wal-Mart, but very nice. 

And this is what I get for trying to get a shot of all three of them together.  This is my little one trying to get her big brother to cooperate for me (note my son’s outfit . . . he just HAD to wear those trunks). 

Our little swimmer.  She is like a fish!  I love that she loves the water, but we have to watch her close because she isn’t afraid of anything.

This is what happened nearly everytime we went on a bike ride . . .

And just to prove I was actually there . . . a little self portrait.  My son says I look like a dinosaur with curly hair.   Nice.

last one . . .