Here are the rules;
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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Sabreena tagged me.  Thanks for giving me so much grace in getting this done (she tagged me quite a while ago)!

Oooooo, 7 facts about myself . . . this is a challenge:

1.   I used to wear black ALL the time.  Seriously, everyday I wore something black.  Now I can’t stand to wear black.  I have a black sweater I really like, but I can seldom put it on.  I reserve the black things in my closet for funerals.  Although, if anyone reading this comes to my funeral someday and I can see you from heaven . . . please do me a favor and wear happy, bright colors.  The more polka dots and stripes the BETTER!

2.  My hair is VERY curly!!!!!  Naturally curly that is.  Sometimes I want to shout out to the world, “I don’t get perms every week . . . it really is this curly!!!”  Some days I love it, most days not so much. 

3.  I can do this weird one handed clap.  Yes, it is weird.  My brother and I used to have competitions to see who could one-handed clap the loudest.  My cousin was the judge and my brother always won . . . she liked him better. 

4.  I am a night owl.  It is after midnight right now and I am still going strong.  I will force myself to go to bed as soon as I am done with this post because I have to get up for church tomorrow.  But the night is my free time and I struggle to give that up just to sleep!

5.  I am very subjective about time.  In other words, I am almost always LATE.  Except for my photography sessions.  I always try to be early for those.  Being late drives my mom crazy (I say with a smirk).  You know I love ya, Mom.  😉

6.  Okay, this one is more about my parents/family than me, but it fascinates me (especially since I have had my own children).  I have three older brothers . . . the oldest two were born in the same calendar year and they are not twins!!!  Yes, people . . . you read that right.  They are 9 months and 1 day apart.  That should be in the Guiness Book of World Records!!  My second oldest brother was born early . . . a month and a half early.  My mom will probably want to kill me for posting this for all the world to see, but she and my dad deserve a lot of credit for raising two boys 9 months apart.  Seriously . . . that was no cake walk.  And my brothers turned out to be amazing men of integrity.  Way to go Mom and Dad! 

7.  The number 7 is my favorite number.  Always has been, always will be.  It was the number I chose for volleyball in high school, it is the day God rested, and it feels complete to me . . . just like this tag post.  🙂 

I’m tagging my husband Bob, and my good friend Melissa Speelman (links to their blogs are in my sidebar).  I know that’s not 7.  7 is my favorite number and obviously I have only listed 2 people.  This will just have to be one of those things in my life that remains incomplete.  🙂

I wanted to put a picture with this post, but as I already said it is after midnight and I need to go to bed.  Pictures will have to wait.