I just love vacations!  Get away from everything, relax and have fun.  It was home educators’ week at Colonial Williamsburg.  That worked perfectly for us since we are home educators.  They had activities for the kids and a discounted 1 week pass – very nice.  The locals kept “bragging” about how nice and warm their winter has been.  Well wouldn’t you know . . . we get there and the weather is in the 40s . . . even had snow flurries one day.  But it was WAY better than Ohio’s weather, so I can’t complain too much. 

 The grounds at the Governor’s Palace in colonial Williamsburg were so cool!  They had a maze – the kind I dreamed about as a kid!  The bushes were taller than me and they were trimmed nice and neat with all kinds of paths.  We played hide and seek!  That was definitely a highlight for everyone.  Swimming (indoors, of couse) was also a hit with the kids.  I have to admit – I forced myself to go in that pool “for the kids”.   It was worth it. 

We went to Washington DC one day.  The kids got a taste of the subway.  I wish Columbus had a subway.  It is such a great way to travel into the city.  And FYI (in case you didn’t know like I didn’t know) :  the museums in DC are free!  We spent our time at the Museum of Natural History/Smithsonian.  Loved it!

Bob took this one of the subway . . .

and the white house . . .