Different from the family in the header.  I have 3 bros all together so you will eventually see them all show up on the blog. 

I did a quick family session with them – it was FREEZING!  But they were all troopers.  🙂  We did a lot of running in and out of the vans.  I was just glad I was behind the camera with my sweatshirt and jacket.   My little nephew isn’t always too sure about his crazy aunt, but I think I got some good ones anyway. 


 This one is just a snapshot, but I had to post it because it made me laugh!  I asked my brother to “hold” my lens while I used another one.  I didn’t tell him it cost me $1000.  So I turn around and there he is playing on the see saw with my nephew while “holding” my lens.  LOL!  Brothers . . .

 And you should also know my brother and his family have their own store where they sell meat, cheese, etc.  This next statement is the absolute truth . . . they sell the BEST BREAD EVER!  My brother is up at 4:00am (or something crazy like that) to bake it everyday.  It is seriously so soft.  Simply delightful.  If you live near Urbana, OH you MUST GET SOME!   The business is an entire family effort.  I really admire all their hard work.  Check out their site http://www.yutzyscheesehouse.com/